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Story: Freediving
Episode: 1
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 15th November 2020

Trevor experiences breathtaking coral and diverse marine life in the azure waters of Christmas Island.

  • Christmas Island is one of the best freediving locations in the world, with perfect water temperatures and good visibility all year round.
  • David Mulheron, owner of Christmas island Freedive, is the current national record holder and was also named Australian Male Freediving Athlete of The Year in 2019.
  • Freediving is a hobby that anyone can take up. Taking a freediving course is the best way to learn.
  • When freediving on Christmas Island, you’ll see a dazzling range of fish along the reef and often find yourself swimming alongside turtles or dolphins.
  • Whale sharks visit the island from November to April, giving you a chance to get close to these gentle giants of the deep.
  • Locals and visitors alike after a dive will enjoy a traditional Malay roti and curry for breakfast, which is sold right alongside the beach.

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