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Episode:  10
Broadcast Date: 12/04/014
Presenter: Dan Paris

Want to explore the depths of the ocean without getting wet? AQWA is a must for any Perth resident or visitor; this exquisite aquarium is a must for sea lovers.

Discover the Deep Sea

  • AQWA allows you to explore over 12,000km of Western Australia’s coastline in just a few hundred metres.
  • There are over 40 stunning exhibits including one of the largest living coral reef exhibits in the world,
  • AQWA the 10th largest Aquarium in the world!
  •  In total AQWA holds over 4 million litres of water and is home to over 4,000 fish.
  • There’s a number of shark species at AQWA, the largest is a 3.9 metre grey nurse.
  • Book ahead and check out special deals and entry prices