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Djurandi Dreaming

Segment: Djurandi Dreaming
Episode: 7
Air Date: 22nd March 2020
Presenter: Nikki Parkinson

Djurandi Dreaming aims to positively educate and showcase our Aboriginal Culture in Western Australia while conserving culture language and country.

  • Justin has been running Djurandi Dreaming tours with his family since 2017
  • Wadjuk country dates back tens of thousands of years. The Dreaming the Quay tour is an interactive experience with a local guide which opens your mind to experiencing true traditional dreamtime stories.
  • The Dreaming the Quay tour is all about opening your mind to true traditional dreamtime stories and learning about the Nyoongar history of the Swan River.
  • The tour will take you through the art installations of Elizabeth quay, including the ‘First contact sculpture’ which is a representation of when European settlers first arrived in Perth. As the boats arrived, the local Nyoongar people believed it was their ancestors returning from the sea.
  • The latest tour offering from Djurandi Dreaming is the ‘Finding Yagan’ tour. You’ll find yourself winding through the Supreme Court Gardens and laneways of Perth, whilst learning about ‘Yagan’ – The Nyoongar Warrior.
  • For the art lovers, the Arts in the Park tour gives you the chance to participate in one of the Djurandi Dreaming’s interactive workshops where you’ll learn symbols, stories and colours used in Nyoongar art.

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