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Yagan Square

Segment: Yagan Square
Episode: 3
Air Date: 23rd February 2020
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood

The early months of the year are a great time to pay a visit to Perth city, and Yagan Square is a spot you should absolutely check out.

  • Ficus Restaurant is a great place to start your evening out, offering some great alfresco wining and dining, as well as a premium view of the amphitheatre.
  • The gorgeous outdoor amphitheatre is where guests can experience Noongar dance and music, with Aboriginal performers sharing stories of our rich culture and history every Friday night – and it’s completely free.
  • Inside Market Hall you can find Kevin Bynder, and extraordinary Aboriginal artist. He has a slightly different style of art, with him images showing his life experience from travels around WA.
  • To Kevin, Aboriginal art is incredibly important – with rock art having existed for 60,000 years. His artwork gives him an opportunity to share his story, and to share a culture that we shouldn’t lose.
  • Market Hall is home to a gastronomic journey of Perth’s multicultural cuisine landscape.
  • Horseshoe Lane offers a true street food vibe, with Street Eats and Shy John serving up all of your Asian food cravings.
  • A tip for your Yagan Square trip – leave the car at home, and jump on the bus or train, as the Wellington Street bus port and train station are right next door.