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Steamed WA Scallops

Recipe by Theo Kalogeracos & Vince Garreffa

This dish shows off amazing WA seafood, anybody can cook, it has an Asian fusion which makes the scallops little pillow of salty goodness.
The Scallops are from Kailis Brothers Leederville

Serves 4 people as a appetizer or just Theo or just Vince


12 fresh in half shell scallops
Garlic sliced into thin strips
Ginger peeled and cut into very thin baton slices
Spring onions cut very fine, green stalks and all
1 bottle fish sauce
1 bottle sesame seed oil
100ml tablespoons water


You need a large deep pan with lid.
As the pan is getting hot on a high flame, place a small pinch of garlic, ginger and spring onions on top of each scallop, then drizzle ½ teaspoon of fish sauce and sesame seed oil on top of each scallop, place the shells into pan, put lid on and let the scallops cook for 1 ½ minutes, take lid off add water into pan carefully under the scallop shell not on top of scallop, then place lid back on for 1 minute, this will steam the scallops to perfection. (If you don’t have enough heat please cook for longer)
Using a pair of tongs take scallop shells carefully out not loosing the juices and place on a serving platter, allow to cool long enough so you can pick up the shell with your fingers. Grab the shell,
Tilt your neck and swallow all the juices and at the same time push scallop into your mouth and chew, simply amazing.