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Perth Trail Series – Moon Shadow

Story: Perth Trail Series – Moon Shadow
Airdate: 13th October 2019
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

There are all sorts of ways to get out and discover our beautiful state, and there is a new running group doing just that.

  • This particular run explores the Ellis Brook Valley Reserve is Gosnells. It starts in the evening, and by the time it finishes it will be dark – this is a twilight run.
  • The sport of trail running has taken of in WA – it’s a great way to destress, get healthy and enjoy the destinations our state has to offer. Despite being known as the Perth Trail Series, these runs are held as far south as Albany.
  • Mel, the organiser, runs and marks the trail each day before briefing the runners. Her tips include to have fun – be in the present moment while you run, though don’t forget to watch your footing.
  • Runners often ‘whoo-hoo’ at each other – there is often a sense of achievement when you get to the top of a big hill, or you have someone running alongside you, and the best way to let it out is with a ‘whoo-hoo’.
  • Trail running changes your balance and helps give you some serious leg muscles – although even the hard-core runners know to slow down on the trickier parts.
  • As the sun goes down, the runners spread out, but there’s no chance of getting lost. All you have to do is follow the tape.
  • There is a reward when you finish the run – food trucks, hot chocolates and the Perth Trail Series secret recovery drink. There are 20 runs a year, and those participating can take them as seriously as they want.