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Mingenew Wildflowers

Story: Mingenew Wildflowers
Airdate: 15th September, 2019
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

WA is home to one of the greatest botanical shows on Earth, and the town of Mingenew is a great place to base yourself on your wildflower pilgrimage.

  • Just four hours north of Perth, Mingenew is a great destination for a weekend roadtrip.
  • The Grand Old Hotel may seem a bit rough around the edges, but this is part of its charm. It is here you’ll be able to find a number of interesting characters both in front of and behind the bar.
  •  The Mingenew Bakery offers some delicious treats for your trip.
  • Coalseam Conservation Park is the Holy Grail for wildflower enthusiasts.
  • The wildflowers bloom from August through to October, and the local council has set up the perfect spot for you to enjoy the carpet of colour.
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