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Elachbutting Rock, Wheatbelt Weekends

Story: Elachbutting Rock, Wheatbelt Weekends
Airdate: 15th September, 2019
Presenter: Quentin Long

The West Australian Wheatbelt is full of rock formations that are well worth a road trip to check out.

  • Just 40kms out of the town of Mukinbudin, you’ll notice the bitumen disappear as you make your way towards your first monadnock – the rocky formations jutting from the surrounding earth.
  • De-Eranning Rock features an absolutely incredible view of the surrounding farmlands.
  • Beringbooding Rock has been an important spot for the traditional custodians of the land for thousands of years, where they would use Gnamma holes to harvest water.
  • Farmers tapped into the water supply at Beringbooding Rock in 1937, building the largest rock water catchment in Australia at 9.1 million litres. It took 100 workers two years to construct by hand, with the catchment still used to feed stock today.
  • Elachbutting means ‘thing that stands tall’ – an apt name. Here you can go on a 6km-walking trail, explore Monty’s Pass and check out the natural stage of Echo Cave.
  • Elachbutting was an important meeting spot for indigenous people, with a special birthing cave that the local Njaki Njaki people can tell you about.
  • The area around the rocks is full of incredible beauty, and you’ll never run out of things to check out.
  • Elachbutting Rock and many more locations to be explored along the way are part of the Wheatbelt Way, a road trip through our wheatbelt enabling you to camp and discover some fascinating history and locations.
  • A great trip out with family and friends, or even for the solo traveller, there are definitely some beautiful sights to been seen.
  • For more information on the Wheatbelt Way visit