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Rottnest Island

Story: Rottnest Island
Airdate: Ep 4, 4th August, 2019
Presenter: Quentin Long

Quentin discovers Perth’s premier island getaway, Rottnest.

  • Rottnest Island is a triple threat of islands – relatively uncrowded idyllic beaches for a swim snorkel or surf, incredible fishing spots or even diving for cray fish during the cray season and, perhaps the most important ingredient – a fantastic Aussie pub.
  • Rotto shot to fame internationally when Roger Federrer took a quokka selfie and instantly, the quokka and the island became an international hit. The Fed’s quokka selfie drew more than half a million likes and still one of his most popular posts.
  • The best way to get around to see the island is on bike and for locals it is a right of passage to spend long summer days cycling from beach to bay around Rotto.
  • There are so many bays and beaches it is hard to pick just one and your favourite changes from day to day. One of the most celebrated is Salmon Bay, perfect for swim, Snorkel or just a stroll on the beach
  • The snorkelling here on Rotto is just remarkable. Everything from reef fish to eagles rays, the life under the water is breathtaking.
  • From Below the sea, to in the sky, the Wadjemup lighthouse gives you a fantastic vantage point to take in the tiny island, giving you a 360 degree view of the islands coast.
  • You can chopper skydive or just take a scenic flight, cottage museums and galleries stuffed with history and art works. A Segway tour, walking tour and even movies in summer.
  • And if it’s a bit of history you are after, there’s certainly no shortage of that. Take a guided aboriginal tour with Go Cultural tours or visit the guns and tunnels which protected the coastline during the World war 2.

If you ever want to be reminded about how blessed Australia is, think about this place – Rottnest Island. In Australia, where we are blessed with more than 8000 islands, and Rottnest has mostly been a local secret, and the locals love it that way.