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Episode:  Nine
Broadcast Date: 05/04/14
Presenter: Dan Paris

Nestled between lush state forests, the Shire of Manjimup is home to the Pink Lady, Truffles and Timber.

Magical Manjimup

  • Clover Cottage is nestled on the banks of the Warren River and was settled by Peter and Ellen Wheatley in the 1860s. it is steeped in history of the area. Original buildings and trees can be still admired today.
  • Manjimup was named after the Noongar Aboriginal words "Manjin" which means a broad-leafed edible reed and "up" a meeting place.
  • Check out the Shire of Majimup’s events calendar to see what’s happening in the shire during your next stay.
  • Manjimup is the birth place of the Pink Lady apple.
  • Timber is synonymous with Manjimup and this can be seen at  the Timber and Heritage Park, Steam Museum Complex, The King Jarrah and One Tree Bridge.
  • Donnelly River Cruise explores the pristine D'Entrecasteaux National Park, travelling down a 12 km section of the Donnelly River.