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Chestnut Brae

Segment: Chestnut Brae
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy
TX Date: February 24th, 2019

Nestled in the town of Nannup in the South West is the farm stay of Chestnut Brae, the perfect place to stay and learn all things Chestnut.

  • Chestnut Brae began from the dreams of John and Linda Stanley and their ambicious efforts to turn their Chestnut Farm in to something unique and then some.
  • There are two orchards comprising of 200 trees in one and 800 in another, forming what looks like a European Forest, it is absolutely beautiful.
  • The European ambience extends to the gardens around the farm stay and to see them all at their best, you might to come and visit a few times. In Autumn the colours of the trees start to change and in Spring the gardens a full of flowers.
  • Continuing to be inspired by European influences, the Stanley’s added Pigs to their farm after they went to Europe seeking ideas for what to do with the Chestnuts and they found that the best Ham in the world comes from Spain where they feed their pigs Acorns and Chestnuts, so it seemed like the perfect match.
  • The Stanley’s run tours of the for all aspects of the property and in Autumn you are able to come and pick your own chestnuts! Or in the meantime visit the farm gate for some delicious items.
  • The farm stay is the original farm house which is quaint and quirky and has a fabulous view to sit at the end of the day and watch the world go by.
Ph: 0409 104 120