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Four Tallest Mountains

Segment: Four Tallest Mountains
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 6th January 2019

If you’re interested in mountain hiking, the Pilbara region is a fantastic place for it, home to four of the state’s tallest mountains.

  • Karijini National Park is home to Mt Bruce, WA’s second highest peak at 1221m above sea level. The name Mt Bruce was given by Francis Gregory, with a man named Bruce having funded his exploration of the area. The original Mundalgura name for the mountain is Punurrunha.
  • Wayne Stevens, the Aboriginal Traditional Owner of the area, takes the time to guide people through the country, hoping to give them more of an understanding and insight to the area, helping them to feel more complete about where they are and how they should conduct themselves.
  • The value of the area is often tied to the ore and the richness of the land, but the true richness comes from the culture and stories – travelling through the area is much like travelling through a storybook.
  • Known as Jarndunmunha to the local Aboriginal people, Mt Nameless is located approximately 4km from the town of Tom Price. At 1128m above sea level, this mountain offers spectacular panoramic views of the township.
  • Climbing mountains to the peak is becoming more and more popular, and WA is full of fantastic climbs – though Mt Nameless is the highest peak accessible by vehicle.
  • The tallest mountain in WA is Mt MeHarry, coming in at 1249m. It is found on the south eastern corner of the national park – if you’re interested in climbing it, do it early in the morning, and make sure to take heaps of water.