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Cheela Plains Station Stay

Segment: Cheela Plains Station Stay
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 23rd December 2018

Cheela Plains Station hosts a uniquely Western Australian station stay that gives visitors a great insight into homestead life.

  • The workers at Cheela Plains Station originally grazed their land based on how other stations around WA did, but eventually realised this wasn’t working for them and they came up with a rest-based grazing system that looks after the landscape and the natural grasses.
  • The owners of the station wanted to be able to show visitors just what they do, and with the station being based between Karijini and Ningaloo, they were able to enter the tourism market.
  • There are several stay options at the station including comfortable rooms and camping facilities, as well as offering delicious, hearty meals and canapes at sunset.
  • It’s easy to sit around the firepit all night, having a yarn with both your fellow travellers and the hosts.
  • Star tours are one of the more popular attractions at the station, with many people coming to the area for astrophotography.
  • The station offers tours of the nearby gorge, 3.5 billion years in the making. You can access it on a day tour, or if you’re interested you can go on a guided tour that takes you to even more locations.
  • If you can’t stay the night, why not make sure you stop in for a lovely cup tea and cake on the way to your next destination, it will leave you want to be going back to stay.