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Yagan Square – A Family Day Out

Segment: Yagan Square – A Family Day Out
Presenter: Christina Morrissy
TX Date: 23rd December 2018

If you’re looking for somewhere to entertain the kids, you can’t go better than Yagan Square.

  • Linking the city with Northbridge for the first time in 100 years, Yagan Square has been designed as a meeting place for both young and old.
  • The beautiful architecture was built with families and children in mind – there is public art that both shares stories and lets you have some fun in addition to a lot of grass to sit back and watch the world go by.
  • The meeting place often plays host to bands and performances and the nearby stream is a great place to explore on a hot day.
  • Just above the meeting place is kiddie nirvana, complete with a playground and water features and the best thing is it is surrounded on three sides, making it harder for the little ones to escape.
  • The Market Hall is full or great food options with a distinctly kiddie twist, including naan toasties, locally caught fish and chips and mac and cheese. When you’re done, you can top it all off with lashings of home-made gelato.
  • The giant screen at Yagan Square often plays sporting events or big-ticket WA events, so why not come down and enjoy the view.