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Karijini Experience

Segment: Karijini Experience
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 23rd December 2018

Karijini is a very special place, and once a year there is an event where a program of arts, cultural experiences and the incredible landscape combine.

  • The Karijini Experience gives visitors the opportunity to experience indigenous artists performing under the Milky Way. In 2017, 1235 guests enjoyed performances from over 90 artists at 37 different events, representing 13 different indigenous language groups.
  • The Experience is a cultural immersion event where you camp onsite in the Karijini National Park. The event goes for 5 and a half days, coinciding with the first week of the school holidays.
  • The 2019 Karijini Experience will run April 16-21, with most of the events being free.
  • Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse play with a string quartet from the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. Gina explains her music in English before she sings and hearing it in the amphitheatre is an incredible experience.
  • There are not many Nyungar speakers left on the planet, so Gina and Guy’s performances are rare. They find it to be a privilege sharing their stories with audiences, and have started work on a new piece of work due to premiere at the 2019 Karijini Experience.
  • The aim of the Experience is to get visitors to immerse themselves in the park and connect to the people that call it home. It is a place of conciliation where both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can come together and learn.
  • The Karijini Experience is proudly organised by the Nintirri Centre, a not-for-profit organisation based in Tom Price which strives for improved quality of life through connection, collaboration and partnership.