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The Premier Mill Hotel

Segment: The Premier Mill Hotel
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
TX Date: 16th December 2018

Originally opened in 1891, Katanning’s Premier Mill has recently gone through a massive refurbishment and restoration that has people travelling from all over Australia to check it out.

  • Katanning’s modern history begins in the 1830s, when the then Governor James Stirling and surveyor John Septimus Roe passed through the area, though the town wasn’t established until 1889 when the Great Southern Railway built a line into town.
  • Nigel Oakey is the CEO of the Premier Mill Hotel and has been involved in a number of heritage restoration projects. He noticed that the town of Katanning had a huge amount of passion for the Premier Mill, even though it had become quite dilapidated and worked to restore it to become the hotel it is today.
  • Originally the home of the mill’s engine room, the building’s basement now hosts the hotel’s Cordial Bar.
  • Each of the 22 beautiful rooms in the hotel are completely unique, with guests often coming for multiple visits to experience the different rooms.
  • Both the restaurant and bar heavily feature local produce, with food such as yabbies and beef, as well as WA wines – the hotel showcases just what this part of the world has to offer.
  • As the gateway to the Great Southern Region, Katanning is the place to base yourself if you’re interested in exploring the wine regions, wildflowers and hiking trails in the Stirling Ranges. It has a fascinating blend of Malay influences, colonial history and is a great destination in WA.