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Yeeda Station Stay

Segment: Yeeda Station Stay
Presenter: Christina Morrissy
TX Date: 16th December 2018

160kms north of Broome you’ll find Yeeda station, a station stay that everyone has to put on their bucket list.

  • Home to 80,000 cattle, the station expanded into tourism to provide visitors the opportunity to check out the cattle industry in the Kimberly. With homesteads being such a big part of the industry, the owners, Jack and Vicki, saw their opportunity.
  • Yeeda Station began operating in 1881, with the homestead being built in the 1950s. The station is around 1 million acres and the best way to traverse the area is by helicopter – the views are absolutely spectacular, and if you choose to see the station by air, you’ll even get a taste of some low flying cattle mustering.
  • While you can bring your own tent or caravan, there is also the option to treat yourself in the safari tents. These tents have their own en-suites and are a flashy way to enjoy life under canvas.
  • The station offers their own grass-fed beef for dinner, expertly cooked by the camp manager Joe. If you are interested in joining them for dinner, make sure to book ahead.
  • If you’re looking for some after dinner entertainment, Pete will take you out to the river to go croc spotting. A bit of a local legend, Pete is always happy to put himself between the guests and the crocodiles.
  • The best time to visit Yeeda Station is from May through to September. There are a heap of tour and accommodation options, as well as ways to get out to the station.