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Caves Road Collective

Title: Caves Road Collective
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Date: 9th December 2018

The iconic town of Margaret River is known for its craft beers, distillers and wineries, and at Caves Road Collective, you’ll be able to find them all in the one place.

  • The Collective started with the Black Brewing Co, before expanding to include Dune Distilling and Ground to Cloud Wine.
  • The Director of Caves Road Collective Stewart Sampson, was one of the driving forces behind the company. The aim of the collective was to bring brewers, distillers and wine makers together in one location to deliver an all in one experience.
  • Everything is made on site - the grapes are taken from the vineyard, the beer is brewed on location and the company has recently ordered a new distiller from Amsterdam.
  • Black Brewing Co. was the beginning of the company, starting from a shed in Perth. The first beer created was a rice larger, before the company began developing a number of pale ales and IPAs,
  • The brewery at Caves Road Collective has begun collaborating with wine makers to create some co-fermented beers. Co-fermented beer has the beer wort fermented with the wine yeast, before being aged in a wine barrel.
  • There are some amazing food experiences on offer here, using produce sourced from local companies. Different drinks are produced on site to complement the meals, with the chefs trying to pair the menu as close as possible.