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The Wetlands

Segment: The Wetlands
Presenter: Christina Morrissy
Date: 25 November 2018

Mandurah is home to one of the most significant wetlands in all of WA, and there are a lot of ways to explore it.

  • While you can traverse the area via boat, some of the best sights are easily accessible by land with kilometres of walking trails through the wetlands. The wetlands cover an area 5 times the size of Sydney Harbour, and is at the heart of the Mandurah experience.
  • The Mandurah wetlands have been internationally recognised as a RAMSAR site. RAMSAR is a piece of international legislation that recognises the best wetlands around the world
  • If you’re not interested in walking too far well you’re in luck, as the best views of the wetlands require very little physical effort to enjoy.
  • There are several small hides scattered around the wetlands that are perfect for birdwatching, which have been set up by the City of Mandurah and Bird Life Australia occasionally use them when they are tagging birds with unique leg flags.
  • The hides have boards showing many of the birds in the region with the Great Knot and Sharp-tailed Sandpiper being migratory birds come to wetlands from the Arctic.
  • One bird in particular that was tagged in the wetlands has been found all the way in the Yellow Sea in China.
  • If you’re interested in checking out the local walking trails, the Mandurah visitors centre can give you all the information you need.