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Coral Coast Helicopter Services

Date: Sunday 4th November 18
Title: Coral Coast Helicopter Services
Presenter: Rebecca Johns

The Coral Coast features hundreds of kilometres of beautiful coastline, and Rebecca travelling by air to see some places that are only possible to reach by helicopter.

  • Based in Carnarvon, Coral Coast Helicopter Services is a family owned and operated business, offering airborne tours of the region.
  • Heading north from Carnarvon, one of the most spectacular tours is the Blowholes Quobba tour. Some areas along the Coral Coast are so remote that if you don’t have a helicopter, they can only be reached by boat, and so this helicopter tour is the perfect option for those interested in seeing the area.
  • The chopper can reach speeds of 240km/hr, with the views being absolutely incredible. You’ll be able to properly take in all of the sites along the coast, such as the longest river in WA, the Gascoyne.
  • Just off Point Quobba you’ll find Fitzroy Reef, this is an excellent location for both fishing and snorkelling, a little bit of everything.
  • Just 40 km north of Carnarvon, you’ll find the picturesque shores of Quobba beach. If you’re interested in snorkelling, make sure to check out the aquarium. This small patch of reef is a marine habitat protection zone, and so the area has remained essentially untouched.
  • If you’re interested in a tour, the prices offered are extremely reasonable, and the experience on offer is one that you’ll never forget.
Ph : 0474 132 918