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RAC Driving Tip

Date: Sunday 4th November 18
Title: RAC Driving Tip
Presenter: Christina Morrissy

When preparing for a road trip, it is important to be sure your survival kit is properly equipped.

  • When packing your kit, make sure to include a blanket, a torch, a first aid kit, a bag of tools, and most importantly, water.
  • While modern cars don’t tend to overheat as much, it is worth packing some coolant just in case. If you have to use it, it is important to first find where your leak is coming from before you put in the coolant.
  • Some extra fuel is another essential for your survival kit. On a hot day, your car will use up a lot more fuel, so you need to be sure you have enough. Strap it down tightly on your roof rack, or put it in an appropriate jerry-can holder.
  • Should all else fail, simply give RAC a call.
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