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Kings Park – The start of the Wildflower trail

Title: Kings Park – The start of the Wildflower trail
Date: September 8th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor and Grady Brand explore Kings Park Botanical Gardens incredible display of wildflowers, giving Trevor the essential information, he needs for his trip around WA.

  • Kings Park has one of the finest collections of flora in the world, and is one of WA’s biggest tourist attractions
  • As with everywhere, the health of the natural flora depends entirely on the rain. As Australia is such a dry country, our wildflower displays can differ from year to year
  • There are approximately 300 species of plant on display at any one time in Kings Park, with spring featuring the most
  • The Kings Park nursery produces about 25,000 plants for the Wildflower Festival, which takes place annually each spring