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Australias Coral Coast & Mt Lesueur National Park

Title: Australias Coral Coast & Mt Lesueur National Park
Date: September 8th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Western Australia’s Coral Coast is home to truly wonderful locations, featuring both natural wonders as well as some beautiful towns, follow Trevor along the coast as he travels up to Mt Lesueur National Park.

  • The Indian Ocean Highway is home to some absolutely stunning scenery, with huge coastal views along the side of the road
  • Make sure to stop off at The Pinnacles, WA’s own natural wonder. These ancient limestone columns create a truly surreal landscape – make sure to catch a sunset there for an experience you’ll never forget
  • Once a sleepy fishing town, Cervantes is a fantastic coastal town, offering some great accommodation, beaches and fishing opportunities
  • For an incredible meal, make sure to pop in at The Lobster Shack. It’s newly renovated, and will give you one of the best meals of your life
  • Covering just under 30,000 hectares, Mt Lesueur National Park is home to almost 10% of WA’s natural flora
  • The orchid family is the most prolific family of plant species on Earth, and WA’s are unique, with many being rare and endangered
  • Mt Lesueur National park hosts the Black Kangaroo Paw, a rare plant that is the last of its genus. You’ll be able to find the Black Kangaroo Paw around September/October – it’s hard to find, but don’t let that deter you.
  • In Lesueur National Park alone, there’s around 900-1000 species of plant life, compared to approximately 1500 species in the whole of the UK