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Chapman Valley, Mullewa and Pindar Wreath Flowers

Title: Chapman Valley, Mullewa and Pindar Wreath Flowers
Date: September 8th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The beautiful Chapman Valley is home to not only some exquisite wildflowers, but also to some world-class dining locales.

  • Located just North-East of Geraldton, the route to the Chapman Valley features some absolutely stunning canola fields, giving the wildflowers a run for their money
  • There are many pockets of wildflowers heading inland from Northampton, and there will always be people willing to share tips on the best locations for photography
  • About half an hour out of Geraldton, The Burnt Barrel is a spectacular restaurant located in the beautiful Chapman Valley, the middle of wildflower territory.
  • With owners originating from the UK, the restaurant specialises in American style ribs, with home brewed beers and ciders.
  • Located on the edge of Australia’s golden outback, Mullewa is the start of many trails to explore the east and north areas of the region. The town church is known for its remarkable architecture, built by West Australian architect priest, Monsignor Jon Hawes
  • The spectacular wreath wildflowers are located along the side of the road just north of the small town of Pindar. You’ll know you’re in the right location when you see lines of cars parked alongside the flowers
  • The wreath flower is incredibly rare and delicate, and while they have been somewhat sparse for the last few years, this year has featured one of the best blooms in a long time
  • If you’re interested in photography, the best times are just after sunrise, and just before sunset