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Coalseam Conservation Park

Title: Coalseam Conservation Park
Date: September 8th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The carpets of wildflowers at Coalseam Conservation Park are one of the most stunning sights in all of WA.

  • The town of Mingenew is a perfect stopover for your wildflower trip, featuring the newly relaunched Grand Old Hotel, a charming little establishment. The Mingenew Bakery is also worth a quick visit – you won’t find any tastier treats
  • Between August and October, Coalseam Conservation Park explodes into colour. Despite coming in at only 754 hectares, the wildflowers blanketing the ground are a truly awesome sight
  • Coalseam is one of the few places where the wildflowers range in colour. You’ll be able to find pink, yellow and white everlastings all around the park
  • The geological history of Coalseam spans at least 250 million years, having once been under the Permian Sea. You can see the effects of this while visiting the park, with old fossils littering the base of the riverbed