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Great Western Woodlands

Episode: Destination WA – Our Golden Outback
Title: Great Western Woodlands
Broadcast: 20th July 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Welcome to Australia’s secret nature wonderland right in the heart of WA, The Great Western Woodland.

  • It’s a very unique part of the state, with hundreds of different eucalypt species occurring over a very large area. Reaching from Southern Cross, Kalgoolie, down to Norseman.
  • The Great Western Woodland is a tremendous example of diversity in woodland.
  • Its unique nationally because of its large area, millions of hectares in fact.
  • Its unique internationally, as it’s nowhere like anywhere else that has rainfall of 250ml.
  • Did you know The Great Western Woodland is the size of England? And it contains 25% of nations Eucalyptus species.
  • One species, is the Silver Gimlet. Recognizable by its bronze bark and salmon gums.
  • Whilst visiting this iconic place, make sure you take a look into Lyn Webb’s gallery.
  • They came here in 1987 and stayed because of Lyn’s change of career into a Landscape Photographer.

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