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Norseman and the Ngadju Rangers

Episode: Destination WA – Our Golden Outback
Title: Norseman and the Ngadju Rangers
Broadcast: 20th July 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Driving south of Kalgoorlie on the goldfields highway you eventually reach the shire of Dundas.. …where the biggest settlement is the historic gold mining town of Norseman.

  • Named after Norseman, the prospector’s horse sparked a gold rush when he fortuitously kicked up a gold nugget.
  • The miners who came out here really struggled with the conditions especially the lack of water. They get less than 300ml of rain a year in this part of the state.
  • Newman Rocks to the east of town is a permanent spring fed water hole used by the Ngadju people, the traditional owners of this land, they love to tell the stories of their country through dance.
  • The Ngadju Rangers are part of the ancient practice of maintaining and looking after the precious Western Woodland. They work with the park services and emergency services to upkeep the land.
  • The Water Trees are an incredible way that the people of Ngadju collect their water. The process of using rocks and time to shape these trees into bowl like formations that collect the rainfall.
  • Controlled fires called ‘Mosaic burning’ help promote regrowth and are extremely good for the locals.

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