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Ghost mining towns

Episode: Destination WA – Our Golden Outback
Title: Ghost mining towns
Broadcast: 20th July 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The best place to discover a good story is in a ghost town, and this part of WA has its fair share. As the precious yellow metal gold appeared in the red dust, and then disappeared, so did the men that chased it. Sometimes, because conditions were so harsh and water was so scarce, they barely escaped with their lives and sometimes they didn’t.

  • Gwalia, a town of more than 8000 was deserted within 2 weeks of the gold mine closing. Leaving behind everything from their crockery to their pianos.
  • The old mine sites are scattered around, so watch your step! These have been dug by hand, and about 80 metres.
  • There are touching reminders all over from the people that lived and died out here.
  • The Siberia Bougainvillia is a touching story about the superintendent of the mines young child who died. A bougainvillea was planted in honour of the child and for decades people who visit, stop, leave a message and tend to the plants care.

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