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Coral coast - Snorkelling the stromatolites

Episode: 15
Title: Coral coast - Snorkelling the stromatolites
Broadcast: 13th May 2018
Presenter: Chrissy and Trevor

North of Perth, you will find a place where the sand is not sand, and the rocks are not rocks! Shark Bay is a beautiful place to understand some of our earliest ancestors.

  • The 40km long Shell Beach is exactly that. No sand, just tiny shells fringing Hamelin Pool. The reason for their size is due to the saline in the water, which actually stunts their growth.
  • The Stromatolites is single cell bacteria that forms layers and layers.
  • These particular Stromatolites have taken over two thousand years to grow.
  • It is important not to touch them in case of accidental damage. It also helps keep the bay intact for future visitors.

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