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Exmouth the town more than just the reef

Episode: 14
Title: Exmouth the town more than just the reef
Broadcast: 6th May 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The north of our state is one of those places that once people visit they can’t help but fall in love with it, and there is so much more to Exmouth than just its incredible natural wonder the Ningaloo reef…something is brewing in town, so we hop in for a closer look.

  • In the last 3 years, 2 new and exciting breweries have opened in the region, Froth Craft Brewery and Whalebone Brewing Co.
  • The bubbling life and the welcoming atmosphere of Froth Craft brewery draws you in almost immediately. The interior walls host an array of murals inspired by local culture and history. Many of the tables are built from repurposed jarrah from the iconic Exmouth Navy Pier, while other rustic furniture in the brewery are the result of careful restorations.
  • At the family friendly Whalebone Brewing Co. just 5mins up the road from Froth, it’s famous for its delicious pizza and laid-back feel. A lot of the whale bone displayed in the brewery were donations, and some came from the bars builder who’s constructed the brewery using reclaimed materials from the cyclone damaged navy pier in Exmouth.
  • Exmouth has come so far in recent years, 2 terrific breweries with loads of sights to see and that's just the beginning of it, there’s brilliant accommodation choices from luxury stays to caravanning and camping options as well.

P: (08) 9483 1111