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Maalinup art and bush tucker tastings

Episode: 12
Title: Maalinup art and bush tucker tastings
Broadcast: 22nd April 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The Swan Valley is just 25 minutes from Perth CBD, home to Australia’s oldest wine region and is rapidly growing as a food and drink destination but like all gems there’s so much more to this region. Today we learn more about indigenous art and bush tucker in the region.

  • Dale Tilbrook (Owner) runs Maalinup Art Gallery and it is art most people come for however, it has evolved to include a gift shop specialising in traditional bush foods and cultural presentations, as well as education programs for schools and corporates.
  • There are numerous local artists on display and available for sale in the gallery. Award winning indigenous contemporary artist, Naomi Grant, is one who is currently exhibiting her contemporary art in the gallery, which includes landscapes of the surrounding area.
  • When you’ve had your fill of art you might want to try some traditional bush tucker. Also available for tasting and sale at the gallery are traditional herbs, spices and sauces made from the traditional flavours including lemon myrtle, quandong nuts, sandalwood nuts and wattle seeds.
  • If you want an authentic taste of WA, check out Maalinup Bushtucker and art for yourself.

A: 10070 West Swan Road, Henley Brook

P: (08) 9483 1111