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Coral Coast Night dive at Exmouth Navy Base

Episode: 12
Title: Coral Coast Night dive at Exmouth Navy Base
Broadcast: 22nd April 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Ningaloo Reef is one of the most pristine coral fringing reef systems on the planet, but there’s another dive in the area that is now widely considered in the top 10 dive experiences in the world, that is a dive off the Navy Pier just outside of town. What is going to make it a little more interesting is the fact that we are doing it at night.

  • Kirsten Sheppard owns Dive Ningaloo and considers the pier dive her favourite in the world. At night you are more likely to see different types of school fish as well as Barracuda, Grouper and Octopus which tend to come out more at night.
  • Once you are in the water you slowly descend to 15 metres and quickly a whole new world reveals itself.
  • The Pier is 300 metres long and the area surrounding is a sandy underwater desert, this means a huge number of marine creatures gravitate to it as a home that provides a sanctuary and protection.
  • During the dive you will see a huge array of sea life including Lion fish, Wobbegong (or Carpet Shark), colourful sea slugs, and moray eels as well as a vast range of fish such as cod, Blue Bone Grouper and Coral Trout as well as Turtles.
  • The dive is approximately 60 minutes in duration. If you love diving, this is one you just have to experience, its right here in WA and Dive Ningaloo are your only way to get there.

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