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Walpole-Swarbrick Art Loop

Episode: 11
Title: Walpole-Swarbrick Art Loop
Broadcast: 15th April 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Chrissy takes a journey through the magnificent old growth forests in Walpole, testament to the resolve of many Western Australians determined to ensure the trees remained untouched for future generations to enjoy.

  • 8km from the Walpole visitors centre, is a patch of old growth forest known as Swarbrick and some of the tress in the area are 400 years old, though at one point they were destined for the axe.
  • Protesters were determined to stop the logging of old growth forests and were successful. The next government was then bought in to power did so on the platform that they would halt old growth logging.
  • Walpole Wilderness was declared in 2004 and covers almost 400,000 hectares, including Swarbrick.
  • An art installation was created with the help of a team including the Rangers known as the Swarbrick Art Loop, which leads around a trail of various installations, which is several artists responses to the Wilderness, their perceptions of the wilderness and the history of what history is in our European culture, as well as reflecting on that from an Aboriginal perspective.
  • A number of the sculptures are suspended about the path, including the Golden Taurus, symbolising the interconnectedness’ of all living things, all of these sculptures are about interpretation and people will always see something different.
  • It’s about getting people to think in a different way in regards to a period of time and preserving our Old Growth Forests.

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