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Koalas and their Babies: Caversham Wildlife Park

Episode: 9
Title: Koalas and their Babies: Caversham Wildlife Park
Broadcast: 1st April 2018
Presenter: Debbie Thorne-Morley

Caversham Wildlife park just 30 minutes drive to the north of Perth’s CBD is both a destination and a great way to experience the best of Western Australia in less than a day. Today, Debbie takes us around!

  • Debbie grew up at Caversham Wildlife Park as her parents did what every little kid wishes their parents would do. They bought a zoo!
  • Although Koalas are not native to WA, Caversham is part of a nationwide conservation effort because Koala numbers are dropping. The only way that is going to change is through educating the people responsible for the destruction of their habitat.
  • Research has found that people are far more protective of things when they build a relationship up with them. Caversham want guests to find out more about Koalas and make a connection.
  • All the keepers have their favourite Koalas. Currently there are quite a few babies around and they are so cute!

P: (08) 9248 1984