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Dive with the Sharks at AQWA

Episode: 9
Title: Dive with the Sharks at AQWA
Broadcast: 1st April 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

This season on Destination WA we have been giving away some fabulous Western Australian prizes. Our latest winner has won the chance to join Chrissy in swimming with the sharks in Australia’s biggest Aquarium at AQWA, The Aquarium of Western Australia.

  • Chris, aged 48 won the competition as he wanted to see what his body would do when getting up close to the sharks.
  • At AQWA you can dive or snorkel with the sharks. Chris and Chrissy can both dive so they’ll both be donning tanks… but not before a safety briefing with a dive master.
  • AQWA take hundreds of people diving each year from all over the world, usually to either tick off their bucket list, or conquer their fears!
  • Chris and Chrissy are floating in 3 million litres of water surrounded by WA’s most prized and precious fish.
  • Little fact - The Grey Nurse Shark was the first shark to be put on the endangered species list back in 1984. It is still on that list over two decades later.
  • What is interesting about the dive, is watching people watching you dive between 6cm thick glass.
  • The dive itself lasts about 30 to 45 minutes and feels very intimate and very safe! Not bad for less than 20 minutes away from the heart of Perth’s CBD.

P: (08) 9447 7500