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Wooramel Station

Episode: 8
Title: Wooramel Station
Broadcast: 25th March 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

There is no more of an authentic experience than staying in an outback station. Trevor takes his family to the edge of the Wooramel River in the beautiful Gascoyne region for a fantastic station stay!

  • The station is owned by Rachael and Justin Steadman. They welcome visitors from all over the world and provide that hospitality that people from the bush are famous for!
  • You can pitch your own tent or there are also glamping options.
  • Wooramel was first settled in the early 1800’s but it wasn’t until the 1920s that the property was purchased. This was when the artesian bores were built which really opened up the country to sheep and cattle.
  • One of the great experiences at the stay is the river walk which is a great way to see all of the wildlife including native birds. During the winter months you can see echidnas breeding under the gumtrees which is a very unique experience.
  • There is a self drive tour. Guests are given a mud map to follow as well as a guide book which provides a lot of history about the place. The Wooramel river runs for 30km through the station all the way to the ocean. It is a place where all sorts of things can be found.
  • Make sure you take in some time in the evenings to soak in the atmosphere. The artesian baths come from a 240 metre deep well that are heated by the earths magna so the water is lovely and warm.
  • Every Wednesday night Rachael and Justin prepare a slow cooked meal over camp fire with both vegetarian and meat options with damper.

P: 0499 425 888

P: (08) 9483 1111