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Perth Stadium

Episode: 7
Title: Perth Stadium
Broadcast: 18th March 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrnae

If there’s one thing that most Australians are aware of when they come to WA it is our brand new, Optus Stadium. At $1.5billion this is a masterpiece right on the edge of Perth.

  • The venue will be home to AFL, international and big bash cricket as well music concerts and Rugby.
  • The stadium was built on the old Burswood Golf Course site right on the Swan River. Soon there will be a bridge that will link the stadium to the CBD. It is already serviced by train and bus so access to the stadium is easy!
  • Ron Alexander is a prominent Western Australian sporting identity and has made many contributions to the community in recent years.
  • The grass is dynamic so its hardness can be altered depending on which sport is being played.
  • The screens in the stadium are the biggest sporting screens in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • The locker room and warm up areas are opened us so that sponsors are able to view the players as they prepare for the games. It is a very interactive stadium
  • From the skyview longue there is a fantastic view of the city which offers a new angle to looking at the city that you just cant get anywhere else.
  • There is also a hall of legends which showcases some of the greats and allows people to recognise where they are and where they have come from!

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