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RAC Karri Valley resort

Episode: 7
Title: RAC Karri Valley resort
Broadcast: 18th March 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

RAC Karri Valley Resort, just 4 hours south of Perth, is a pretty magical place to relax,escape the outside world and enjoy nature at its very best!

  • The property is nestled in a magnificent Karri Forrest, Beedelup National Park. It is surrounded by fantastic walk trails and that is exactly what Chrissy and her kids are up to today!
  • Beedelup National Park was gazetted over a century ago and covers over 17 square kilometres of bushland.
  • The word Beedelup is an Aboriginal word meaning place of rest or sleep and this is a pretty perfect place to do so.
  • Chrissy recommends taking the 4.5km round trip walk to Beedelup Falls, which begins right outside the resort. It is a nature lovers paradise.
  • Along the way you will walk past a towering Karri, 75 metres in height and over a 100 years old. A large hole has been built inside the tree called, 'the walk through tree'.
  • The must see on the walk are the Beedelup Falls. The best spot to view the falls from is the Suspension bridge. We are visiting in the height of summer, but thanks to the natural springs in the area, the park is still teaming with green! We can only imagine this place in winter- the falls would be even more spectacular.

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