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Narlijia Tours

Episode: 7
Title: Narlijia Tours
Broadcast: 18th March 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy and Trevor Cochrane

There is so much to see and do when you are exploring Broome. Chrissys favourite thing about the place is the 40,000 year old culture. A great cultural tour in Broome is Narlijia Tours which guide Bart Pilgram who do walking tours through Broome.

  • The Pilgram family have lived in Broome for years and they are a gifted mob. Bart has worked in tourism for years and a guide and cultural leader.
  • The tour begins in an ancient place where shells have been collected from Roebuck Bay. The local aboriginal people have been collecting shells and bringing them to this place for years. It is a place for feeding as well as the mangroves next to the water as well.
  • The next stop is a native spring to learn about some of the native flora and fauna
  • The final stage of the tour with Bart is out on the coastline, famous for its 130 million year old dinosaur foot prints.
  • Bart shows a single foot prints that was only found in the last two years. The footprint belongs to a three-footed dinosaur and there are different various dinosaur footprints through Broome’s coast.

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