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Golden Quest Discovery Trail

Episode: 6
Title: Golden Quest Discovery Trail
Broadcast: 11th March 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

In the Goldfields, Trevor takes on the 935km self drive trail with another Trevor, The Golden Quest Discovery Trail, for an insight into this land both culturally and historically.

  • The Golden Quest Discovery Trail was launched officially in 2003. This is the perfect way for tourists and history buffs to immerse themselves in the goldfields.
  • The first stop is the quintessential outback pub, The Broad Arrow Hotel. Built in 1896, just 30 minutes from Kalgoorlie Town Centre is much loved by locals and tourists alike. The real celebrity bringing people to this pub is the famous Broady Burger.
  • Next up, is a 20 minute drive east of the Broady to Ora Banda. Named after the goldmine established in the area, this Spanish name translates to band of gold. Once heavily populated during the gold rush, the only thing left in this town is a single pub.
  • Back on the road, Trevor takes Trevor out to the Ullaring Soak. It was once described as a delightful oasis. There are stacked stones here built by Europeans mapping this place serve as a reminder of the past.
  • The landscape at the Ullaring Soak is magnificent. The powdery wall was dug out and used as body paint for ceremony’s.
  • The journey ends at Credo Station with a cold drink and a dinner around the campfire. The accommodation provides a bed, bathrooms and onsite cooking facilities. The chance to sit around and share story with other travelers in the perfect way to end the day.

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