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Bush Ghoodhu Cultural Tours

Episode: 4
Title: Bush Ghoodhu Cultural Tours
Broadcast: 25th February 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

When most people think of Kalgoorlie, they think of gold! It put Kalgoorlie on the map, but as history goes, gold discovery is only a blip in the rich history of this region. Aboriginal people have been here for thousands of years.

  • Bush Ghoodhu Wongutha Tours are a great place to learn about the local history. You might think this tour would take you out into the bush, but in fact, it takes you through the heart of town.
  • Our tour guide is Linden Brownley whose family have lived in the region for decades. Linden shares the history of the city with a combination of ancient and modern point of view.
  • There is a large diversity of Aboriginal people who live in the region.
  • Linden shares some dreamtime stories applied to the modern architecture we see today. We look at the Kalgoorlie City Markets, which sits on the same land that has been a place of trade for thousands of years.
  • The name Kalgoorlie comes from a food, a native fruit eaten by the local Aboriginal people. The fruit, when it grows, needs a host tree to help it to grow. Once it reaches maturity it bursts open and the seeds burst open. Aboriginal people tell this to the children about getting help from their elders to go out and share what they were taught with the world.
  • The Court House was built in 1899 and is a fantastic, recently restored piece of architecture. As we look at the building, Linden shares stories of the Aboriginal law system as a way to connect Aboriginal world to the Western world.
  • The cultural tour ends with a billy tea and damper experience and Trevor has a crack at throwing a spear. The finale comes with Lindens Dad conducting a traditional smoking ceremony.

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