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Penguin Island

Episode: 2
Title: Penguin Island
Broadcast: 11th February 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Rockingham’s Shoalwater Bay and Penguin Island are building an impressive reputation as ecotourism hot-spots.

  • The five minute ferry ride to Penguin Island or jump on a 15 minute sea kayaking tour to Seal Island, populated by Australian Sea Lions, which are an endangered species.
  • The RHIB is one of the most popular cruises on offer in Shoalwater Bay and the best way to view the population of around 600 bottle-nose dolphins in the bay.
  • 700 metres from the mainland, Penguin Island has been many things over the years. Originally it was a traditional hunting ground. Being welcomed to the island is a part of a new cultural tour on Penguin Island.
  • The island has always had indigenous significance. It was a premium hunting and gathering place.
  • The main attraction on the island are the penguins and can be seen in the wild or in the discovery centre. It sports the largest population of little penguins in Western Australia. The island is 12.5 hectares and home to 500-1000 adult penguins.
  • There is no shops or waste management of any kind on the island. So BYO and take the waste you make.
  • Snorkelling on the eastern edge is a great way to explore the coral reef.

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