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Horrocks & Port Gregory

Episode: 2
Title: Horrocks & Port Gregory
Broadcast: 11th February 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

There is so much to do and see in WA so it’s hard to pick a favourite. Two of our favourite destinations are Port Gregory and the Horrocks.

  • Stop off at Lynton Station to check out the Convict Hiring Depot which opened in 1849. By 1853, there were over 60 convicts on hire working for under one dollar a day. They opened the area up with pastoral stations and the lead mine nearby. The living conditions must have been harsh.
  • Not far from Lynton Station is Pink Lake which gets its colour from the algae and the rich minerals, such as magnesium, in the salty water.
  • The township is named after explorers, Frank and Augustus Gregory, who were responsible for opening up this part of WA.
  • In 1943, it became the most southernly part of mainland WA to be bombed in World War II when the Captain of a Japanese submarine mistook the town for Geraldton, and its Rock Lobster canning factory for an Ammunitions factory. They shot 10 large shells at the town and missed everything.
  • Port Gregory Caravan Park has permanent residents who live within the park. There is camping, bungalows and many communal areas.
  • The closed off mouth of the Hutt River, which is on the beach, is a great place for catching delicious table fish, such as dew fish, snapper, tailor and sand whiting.
  • The Horrocks is another immaculate beach recently labelled Australia’s best beach.

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