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Bikes and Snorkeling

Episode: 8
Title: Bikes and Snorkeling
Broadcast: September 17th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you’ve never been to Rotto, there are two things you absolutely must do: grab a bike, and go snorkeling. Even if you’ve never snorkeled before, you’ll fall in love with the protected bays which are accessible by bike.

  • Rottnest Pedal & Flipper is the biggest hire service of equipment and bikes in the southern hemisphere, with over 1300 bikes inside, as well as all the equipment you might need around the island: dive gear, snorkel gear, boogie boards, surf boards, stand-up-paddle boards, as well as various sports equipment.
  • Trevor heads to Little Salmon bay and Parker Point, about 25 minutes by bike. Here, he takes the plunge and goes snorkeling.
  • Rottnest has over 400 hundred recorded fish species, with over 135 of them being tropical fish species not found along the Perth coastline.
  • The waters here are warmer than those along the edge of the Perth coast, and that’s due to the Leeuwin current that flows from the north.
  • There are so many beautiful fish species to discover here, along with some of the state’s most prized table fish, such as dhufish and snapper.
  • A deeper dive reveals an even more impressive marine biodiversity.
  • Because of the Leeuwin current, the water remains between 22 and 25 degrees all year round, which means that you can spend more time snorkeling.

Rottnest Island Authority
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