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Fishing for Barramundi in the Ord River

Episode: 8
Title: Fishing for Barramundi in the Ord River
Broadcast: September 17th
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Sunset is such a special time in the Kimberley, and equally amazing is the sunrise, where the light is soft, casting a romantic glow: perfect conditions to catch barramundi.

  • The secret spot to catch barra is about 10km down the Ord River
  • Matt Cox ditched his day job to run Northbound Charters on the Ord River, which lets you go fishing for barramundi.
  • The one thing you don’t want biting is the saltwater crocodile, which are absolutely everywhere up here. Matt says there’s a croc every 100 metres.
  • The biggest fish Matt has ever caught was about 112 cm, though the maximum size you can legally catch and keep is 80cm. This is because any bigger hinders their breeding process.
  • If you want to head out on a day with Northbound Charters, you can book via the Kununurra Visitor’s Centre.

Northbound Charters
P: 0448 587 673