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Skydiving and Segways

Episode: 6
Title: Skydiving and Segways
Broadcast: 3rd September 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor tries out some adventurous activities on Rottnest Island such as skydiving and a segway island tour.

  • Geronimo Skydive gives you the opportunity to jump over the island landing on one of the designated beach landing sites.
  • It’s a 20-minute climb to reach the maximum jumping height of 15000 feet.
  • It’s a 66 second free fall which means you are falling at 200 kilometres an hour before the shoot finally opens. As the parachute opens you can do nothing but take in all the amazing scenery of the island.
  • The Segway island tour is heaps of fun and there are two main trails the one-and-a-half-hour fortress tour or the less rigorous settlement explorer, which runs for an hour.
  • The experience of operating a segway isn’t difficult at all but a very different experience for most people exploring Rottnest.
  • The trails are on road and also have sandy track trails with differing degrees of difficulty.

Rottnest Island Authority
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