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Very important Penguins

Episode: 6
Very important Penguins
Broadcast: 3rd September 2017
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Chrissy dresses up to meet some of the VIP’s at Caversham Wildlife Park.

  • The ‘Very Important Penguins’ at Caversham are only 40 centimetres tall and weigh about 1 kilogram.
  • These penguins are very important because they are the smallest species of penguin in the world and are the only penguins to live permanently in Australian waters.
  • The state of the art enclosure, working in conjunction with Perth Zoo, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and Penguin Island have helped to ensure population for the future decline of the species.
  • Every day at 12pm and 4pm the penguins are fed. This can be viewed enjoyed by the whole family and the feeder will also provide many fun penguin facts.

Caversham Wildlife Park
P: (08) 9248 1984