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Best Beach in Australia

Episode: 4
Best Beach in Australia
Broadcast: August 20th
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissey

After a four and a half hour journey to The Cocos Keeling Islands Chrissy discovers Australia’s best beach, Cossies, on Direction Island.

  • To get to Cossies there is the twice weekly ferry ride crossing the lagoon from West Island to Direction Island. It takes 60 minutes and only costs $2.50.
  • Direction Island is home to Australia’s first navel victory, when the communication station here was attacked by the German ship the Emden during WWI.
  • The officers managed to get a message to the HMA of Sydney that just happened to be passing by. They came to their aid, sank the Emden all while the German raiding party who’d made it to the shore, sat on the island playing cards with the Australians. The complete story is all yours to discover on the heritage walking trail.
  • The heritage trail is an easy walk around the island with plenty to read along the way. There are no structures left on the island itself although there are still some communication cables just off the beach if you fancy a snorkel.
  • The Island was officially opened in 2014 by the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove who agreed to share his monarch with the now world-famous cossies beach.
  • You can camp on direction island for free, with facilities, barbecues, shelters, hammocks and even Wi-Fi.

Cocos Keeling Islands
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