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Old Onslow Town

Episode: 4
Old Onslow Town
Broadcast: August 20th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor explores Onslow town and Old Onslow which is a destination you may have missed if you’ve driven north to the Pilbara.

  • Named after the Chief Justice of Western Australia sir Alexander Onslow in 1885 and famous for it being the most southern town bombed by the Japanese is WWII.
  • It’s also had a history of battling the elements, being smashed regularly by enormous cyclones. Despite this Onslow has become an important part of our states Pilbara.
  • The towns history is being curated by Onslow’s Visitor Centre.
  • Old Onslow is actually the original town which is 45 kilometres away from Onslow. It had a lot of cyclone damage so a lot of the buildings were moved to Onslow by camel train, and all the old buildings are still in Onslow today.
  • The journey to the old town is about a 45-minute drive which takes you along the Ashburton River.
  • There are many different reasons why people visit old Onslow; scientific, cultural, heritage. As the sun sets the town has a ghostly type quality, it leaves you with a sense of wonder and the sense that there is a spirit here.
  • The remaining buildings are the police station, court house and the jail. When the old town was in use it was a supply town was vitally important as pastoral stations sprung up along the Ashburton River.

Onslow Visitors Centre
P: (08) 9184 6644