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Guns and Tunnels

Episode: 4
Guns and Tunnels
Broadcast: August 20th
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor takes us back home to Perth’s favourite island paradise, Rottnest Island. He explores the guns and tunnels and learns about our important war history.

  • Rottnest Island has played a very important part in WWII’s history, especially Oliver hill.
  • Phil Allen is a Rottnest Island volunteer guide and takes people back in time by telling stories of how Rottnest Island played a part in protecting our state in WWII.
  • The gun on Oliver Hill’s main purpose was to protect the Port of Fremantle and sink ships as every ship that came into Fremantle had to pass Rottenest Island.
  • You can personally inspect the restored WWII 9.2-inch gun and mazes of underground tunnels surrounding the area cut deep into the sandy hill.
  • Trevor explores the underground tunnels and enter the engine room. This room had two very large engines that powered the gun and allowed it to turn around and target ships. Electricity was sent up from the engine room to a pump room but if it failed the men could still do it manually.
  • Rottnest Island isn’t just a beach getaway and has a very important part of WA’s history so be sure to catch the train to see the guns and tunnels.

Rottnest Island Authority
P: (08) 9432 9317